My first project

Posted: 19. August 2014 in Project

In the 3rd class on cristmas I got an NXT from Lego Mindstorms. I was very happy and of cause I wanted to build something with it. First I build robots with the direction but then I built my own constructions.

DSC02354My first project I conceived on my own is a robot which draws an interlaced quadrat which is getting smaller in the middle…   Just look at the picture, I don’t know how to describe any better… 🙂

The hole construction is made with Lego, and the mini-lego-man is managing the driving pencil pod. 😉


  1. Grumm says:

    Hast du mal über die Programmierung eines Plotter via Gcode nachgedacht? Das System wäre dann nämlich in der Lage auch andere Formen herzustellen. Man kann ein Plugin für Inkscape benutzen, um den Gcode zu erstellen. Vielleicht interessiert es dich ja.


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