Google Science Fair

Posted: 8. March 2015 in Project

2014 there was an international contest from Google. I took part with a pulssensor which is used for virtual jogging. My idea was that our pulse triggers the virtual position in google streetview, allowing you to jogg googlesciencefair_ms2through the virtual representations of actual landscapes with a body feedback. The faster you move in front of the monitor, the higher the pulse and the triggering.

The sensor is scanning your skin colour. Everytime your heart beats your skin will change red but our eyes are too slow to realise the changing of the skin. So every 3rd time the heart beats the virtual view of streetview is switched further ahaed. Otherwise it would be to fast. The idea is to bring people together – make appointments to jogg virtually and connected through the cloud – and people can discover other countries and cultures. 



Here is the link to googlescience fair 2015:


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