Jugend forscht 2015 German FINAL – yeah!

Posted: 23. May 2015 in Project

Next week we will attend the German Final of Jugend forscht – after we have won the local and regional competitions. We also got a special prize for our project because it is an innovation for disabled people.

Jugend Forscht Landeswettbewerb 2015  Jugend forscht Fachgebiet Arbeitswelt Stand-Nr.: A-03 Auge steuert Rollstuhl - Eyetracking mit openCV Teilnehmer:  Links: Myrijam Stoetzer (14)  Rechts:  Paul Foltin (15) Schule / Institution / Betrieb:   Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium

Jugend Forscht Landeswettbewerb 2015
Jugend forscht Fachgebiet Arbeitswelt
Stand-Nr.: A-03
Auge steuert Rollstuhl – Eyetracking mit openCV
Links: Myrijam Stoetzer (14) Rechts: Paul Foltin (15)

Our project developed with the different levels of Jugend forscht – the higher we got the more sophisticated our design was because we spend even more time in-between working on it 😉

On the local level we had a little model platform performing as a wheelchair – it was controlled by an Odroid U3 (still the best choice, since it is extremly fast!). We build an Arduino aound it to take care of user input (calibration of tracker) via potentiometers and steering the H-Bridge we developed for the  little motors. After we won the local science fair we decided it is time for something bigger – so we went and bough a real wheelchair!

We spend 2 weekends soldering, drilling and 3D-printing and developed everything new from scratch. This time we used the brand new raspberry Pi 2B, because it was supposed to be much faster than the old one and much cheaper than the Odroid U3. And we took motors from window washers from a car junkyard. This time we used relais to reverse and control the motors, since they used a lot (!) of more current than our H-bride could take. Of cause you could develop an electronic solution for this, switching currents of up to 20A each, but we were short on time and wanted to keep the costs down (for easier rebuilding – and we used up the money we won in the first round as a price as well).

Then we won the regional competition – and decided it’s time for more safety: So we build another system that checks for objects in the way. If we would have more time, we would have loved to move to laser scanner, but at the moment this is off limits 😉 Ultrasound sensors may disturb each other if used close to each other, so we decided to take some IR Range sensors and experimented with them. We just finished now – and the competition will start next week…

You can find the paper we wrote for the competition here – we updates the previous version:


Our project is hereby officially licensed under the creative commons licence BY NC, meaning it is free for everybody to rebuild, modify, improve it – as long as you mention the project’s origin. Oh, and of cause you are not allowed to make money with it – it is free for everybody for the benefit of all 😉

Wish us luck for next week’s competition – I will post the results here … 

Thanks, Myrijam.

  1. Hanna says:

    Congratulations Myrijam!!!


  2. Mrwm. says:

    Hi Myrijam Stoetzer,
    Great job on your competition! 😀
    Is there a chance that the code that your group wrote for the raspberry pi is available on github? I would love to try replicating this project but with another objective.


    • myrijam says:

      Hey, thanks for your interest and your comment. I will make the code available, but have to do some cleanup and commenting (you know; coding and then documenting…). I have never worked with github so far, I know that is is a kind of repository for code-writing and revisioning – so I have no experience with it yet. But I will change that. BTW we have holidays soon, so I’ll have more time for this :-))


  3. ttsiodras says:

    I can’t read German, so the paper is beyond me – but I am very impressed (to say the least). Bravo, Myrijam!


  4. Student says:

    Great job!
    Being a student I also want to do this project…can u plz help me by giving me complete information(in English language)about this project.It will be much appreciated!
    I am unable to read your paper work as this is in German language.


  5. Student says:

    Also,plz tell me how much this eye controlled wheelchair project costs me as i am aiming to use Arduino interfacing


  6. Esther says:

    Love this project! I can’t say enough good about this! Is there an English version of your report? I am very interested in making the motors/wheel hub parts. I would like to be to read all the details actually. Thank you! Esther.mcneal@gmail.com


  7. Michelle says:

    You guys are fantastic. you should be very proud! My daughter just started Gymnasium here in Germany (although i am actually Canadian) and i showed her your blog. She loves it! What a great role model for young girls 🙂 Her dad is an electrical/mechanical/software engineer so he loves your work as well!


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