Two weeks Berlin – Talents’ Day, WEAR-IT & meeting our Federal Chancellor

Posted: 20. September 2015 in Allgemein
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Amazing, I can spend 2 weeks in Berlin – my favourite city

Paul and me were invited to Tag der Talente (“talents’s day”). It’s an event where young students, talents in different fields (like art, literature, dance, language and of course STEM)  can meet each other and do workshops.

FotosScreenSnapz001We did the introduction yesterday with your project live on stage!

It is a great atmosphere and I will attend the workshop “Junior Lab” today – can’t wait to see what we can do there 🙂




From Wednesday on I will attend WEAR-IT, an amazing art and science festival in Berlin, dedicated to wearable electronics and fashion technologies. It looks like my dreams get real, since I always love to build something (IT-like) you can wear; like assistive technology or art. I can’t wait to meet the designers, tinkerers and like-minded people there!

And the following week I’ll meet a lot of friends and students from Jugend forscht (German science fair) again, since we are invited to meet Dr. Angela Merkel, our Federal Chancellor…

I’ll post some more infos soon, must leave for the “Junior Lab” workshop now 🙂


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