Sponsorship of Delta 3D-Printer from WASP

Posted: 15. June 2016 in Project

This is really incredible – WASP is a cool Italian Company developing 3D-Printers with a vision to support people with it (3D print in architecture) to make the world a better place. That’s where their name comes from: World’s Advanced Saving Project.

IMG_6122I contacted them to ask if I may get a discount on their printers or a kit instead of a readymade printer (well, you know, I love building things) – because for the Eyecontrolled Wheelchair and my next project, the 3D-Scanner for Magnetic fields, I needed to print a lot of designs during the development process.IMG_6995

Marino and Stefano from WASP were so amazed by the project, that they decided to send me one! When I got their answer by mail, it was extremely hard to remain calm and not frak out due to happiness – I was in school that time (yeah, smartphones and schools – a combination most teachers do not like)

THANKS a lot to the WASP-Team


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