Posted: 15. June 2016 in Allgemein

I was invited to give a TedxTalk! The topic was “Everyday Breakthroughs” and I must admit I had fear of speaking in English for 18 minutes in front of many people! But as I got there and listened to the other speakers, it wasn’t that bad J. They were so fascinating and I really enjoyed being there! My talk was about my breakthroughs I had before and during my projects and about different kinds of breakthroughs in general.

Because break-through is a huge word, and it implies that all the mysteries or problems have been solved at once (… far from it in reality…) and sometimes these changes are just the starting point of new developments.

There also was a magician who performed two of his tricks! The others had a lot of cool ideas and rousing talks! It was so interesting and I am really glad to had the chance to speak there and to get to know the other talkers!!


You can download the paper from my talk here (thanks to Phill Sears for proofreading) and I will link a video of the talk as soon as it’s available.



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