Wear IT

Posted: 15. June 2016 in Allgemein

A few months ago I was in Berlin at the WearIT festival! It took place in an old industrial building. It was a really cool location! There were many interesting talks and I learned a lot of wearable electronics! I also gave a talk in English. I was very nervous, but during my talk I was nearly relaxed! Besides the people there were so nice and cute! They motivated me and took care of me! I really enjoyed this three days! To make the acquaintance of people who are interested in electronics helped me to get along with my project. I met Niklas Roy there, he is a really cool technic talented guy who gave me his electric wheelchair which he used in his project “Gallerydrive”, here’s his blog. He made the huge and very(!) powerful wheelchair following lines an the gallery floor while reading out information about displayed art.
And I got all the schematics as well, so I don’t have to worry about reverse engineering the way the controller-joystick works in combination with the huge and powerful motors. I’ll try to integrate that to my eye-controlled wheelchair…




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