Invitation to the Fraunhofer Institut IIS

Posted: 14. November 2016 in Allgemein

In the autumn holidays Finja and I were invited to the Fraunhofer Institut IIS in Erlangen. They have developed the HallinSight, a sensor similar to our magnet field scanner, but they use a sensor array instead, which means they don’t have to move the sensor. And the most amazing thing about their sensor is that they can receive the measurements in real-time (up to 200 Hz) – so it is a true magnetic field camera! It uses a sensor array of 16×16 sensors that measure the magnetic flux as a 3d vector field – but instantly. And with some very sophisticated math they can interpolate the readings to sub-pixel precision! Unfortunately, this sensor is not used in schools so far – just imagine visualizing the magnetic flux of a motor on action!

Our Visit started with an overview of the institute and the applications they develop sensors for. It was very interesting to hear about the different working places. They have a lot of amazing projects starting from facial expressions detections to an intelligent toothbrush! This is so cool!

Then we presented our project in front of the entire team that developed the HallinSight and did a few measurements – they were very interested in our development and the decisions in design and software architecture we did during the development. And we got a lot of tips and ideas as well!


After that we had a very delicious lunch in their canteen, followed by a tour through the Institute. At first we got to know about the audio technology, because the Fraunhofer Institute is known for inventing the mp3 compression.

We were at their home cinema and it was in 3d! That was so cool to watch short films. Unfortunately the cinema is only for research 😉

At the end of the tour they told us that they have a surprise for us and we were super nervous and excited!

It was like Christmas – or even better: Dr. Hohe und Dr. Peters gave us two of their magnetic field cameras as a loan (respectively our schools in Duisburg and Berlin, since we are not attending the same school anymore because my family and I moved to Berlin). We were shocked, because we never would have expected that and it is such an honor to us!

I will post some measurements from our MAG3D and the HallinSight here in the future so you can compare both.



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