German Final!!

Posted: 12. May 2017 in Allgemein

The regional competition of “Jugend forscht” (German STEM competition) is now one month ago and we won the first prize with our vein detection project and Finja and I have won the third prize with MAG3D!!! We are so excited to participate in the Jugend forscht final again!

Till then we for sure want to improve our project! We want to make the project more practical and simple to use.
We are about to make it possible to see the videostream on the smartphone. We use a simple mjpeg streaming solution and try to make a step-by-step guide for people to reproduce. And, of course, it will be published under CC license!


Additionally we compared our project to a professional vein detection system at the coagulation center in Duisburg. This system costs about 4.000€ while ours would cost about 100€ 🙂 And the quality is very comparable – so in the end our system could be used to encourage patients. Having high end priced systems,no one has thought about this before – giving a product like ours to people who need to inject medicine to their veins, simply because of the tremendous costs of professional devices…
In the picture you can see the professional one, it projects a red laser image and where the veins are located, it simpy does not display anything (no light = dark – there are your veins!) But with our project the veins are at least as good to see – and with the possibility to improve the project yourself, you could even add a feature to stream the process of vein puncture to your physician, if you would like to have immediate feedback 😉

Here is a link to a guidance how to rebuild our assistive vein detector:

  1. Genial, Super Idee und Umsetzung!


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