Early warning system to prevent SIDS!!

Posted: 23. April 2018 in Allgemein

My friend Finja and me developed an optical procedure which analyses the video of a sleeping baby in order to recognize if the baby’s breathing is stable. If that is not the case for a few seconds, there will be an alarm that allows the parents to get help or to apply first aid. At first we tried our algorithm with a video of a real baby sleeping, which worked fine – the motion of the lung and stomach while breathing were detected. But of course we do not have a video or a real-life situation in which we could test out our program to detect a breathing arrest – and we didn’t want to edit the video to simulate that either.

Instead, we used a Raspberry Pi and a PiCam to simulate the situation with a puppet. A ballon and a syringe pump allowed small breathing movements as a breathing arrest as well.

The video-frames go through a differential-analysis in which two pictures get subtracted from each other so that the change (motion of the baby) gets visible. It also is filtered by a dilate-filter that makes the pixels bigger so that contours can be detected much easier. Then it is just a matter of checking for a contour with corresponding size to check for stable breathing.

This is another Jugend forsch project and we won the first prize with it on regional and the second prize on national level!!!

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